Board of Trustees

Members of the Board of Trustees are committed to using their talents and expertise to the glory of God, while serving in their role as trustees at Miracle Temple Non-Denominational Church Inc., (MTNDCI). They have a mandate to care for the financial and administrative affairs of the church, maintenance and upkeep of the facilities, investments, and oversight of the InnerCity Collaborative Community Development Corporation and its assets. 

The Trustee Board is comprised of 12 dedicated, God-fearing men and women who have made a lifelong commitment to serve as caretakers of the church’s finances and facilities. Their knowledge and experience come from many different fields including banking and finance, accounting, management, administration, human resources, social work, health services, computer technology, and contract administration.

This is one of the few ministries for which members are elected by the church body.

The first board of trustees was appointed by the late Apostle Bertha L. Shephard. It was composed of 12 of her most trusted inner circle and each were handpicked by her. Today, any succeeding board member is nominated by the congregation and vetted by the current board. A vote is held, and the selection is made by majority vote.

“As trustees, we continue to thank God for guiding us and for allowing us to serve Him and the people of Miracle Temple Non-Denominational Church. To God Be the Glory.”


Services and Activities

The Board of Trustees meets quarterly and on an as-needed basis to discuss the affairs of the church and implement processes and procedures to effectively guide the ministry into the next dimension.


For more information, please contact Reverend Judie Shepherd-Gore, Pastor through the church office at 202-584-3103 or by email at

Board of Trustee Officers

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Judie Shepherd-Gore

Reverend, Pastor-Chairperson
BSV_7957- Gail Piner

Mary V. Piner

Prophetess Deaconess, 1st Vice Chair
BSV_7944 Copy (1) - Terri Vincent

Terri Vincent

Youth Pastor, Reverend, CFO, Treasurer
IMG_0081- MTC Trustees Lekisha Evans

Lakisha Evans Johnson

Executive Assistant and Administrator to Pastoral Ministry

Active Board Members

BSV_7926 - MTC Trustees Curtis brantley

Curtis Brantley

Reverend, Sr. Trustee
BSV_8005 - MTC Trustees Mattie

Mattie Dixon

Minister, Sr. Trustee
IMG_9908- MTC Trustees Branda Vines

Sister Brenda Shepherd-Vernon

Sr. Trustee
BSV_7969- MTC Trustees Anne McLean

Sister Anne McLean

Sr. Trustee