The Women of GRACE Ministry was founded by the late Apostle Bertha L. Shephard in 2004. Although the early church had a women’s auxiliary, Sr. Pastor Shephard saw a need for a more “consecrated and called out mourning woman of prayer.” Prayer was a profession in the Old Testament — most notably when Jeremiah called for the morning women who were consecrated and specifically anointed to do nothing but lament and pray. 

The Women of GRACE are leading generations of women to a significant commitment and understanding of God’s Purpose, revealed in His word through responsive participation while fulfilling their role in worship, discipleship, evangelism, and ministry all while Gently Radiating A Christ-like Example.

The foundational scripture was taken from Jeremiah 9:17 “Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, consider ye and call for the mourning women, that they may come; and send for cunning women that they may come.”


Meeting Dates

The Women of GRACE Ministry meets the second Saturday of every month.



For more information about the Women of GRACE Ministry, please contact us at