The Mighty Men of Valor ministry was originally founded in the spring of 1993 by the late Deacon Willie Roger Piner. Deacon Piner co-founded the Miracle Temple Non-Denominational Church. He also was the founding father of the first men’s club, which later adopted the name the Mighty Men of Valor, in August 1994. 

He felt it to be his personal charge from the Lord to keep the men of the body of Christ working together in stewardship, of God’s house and spiritually fit for the Master’s use. He took special pride in ensuring the maintenance and upkeep of the sanctuary where we worshipped was always in top form. But moreover, he wanted the body of Christ to be a strong support to the pastor, enabling her to minister and lead without worry about the house of God.

Joshua 1:14 “But ye shall pass before your brethren armed, all the mighty men of valor, and help them.”


Monthly Meeting

The Mighty Men of Valor Ministry meets the third Saturday of every month.



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